Chino Hills Psychological

Formerly Diamond Bar Psychological and Family Services

 Thomas Theodore Albers, Ph.D.

License                           Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor
                                                Jan. 4,1985 by State of California #MM 19891

                                       Licensed Psychologist
                                                Feb. 26,1990 by State of California #PSY11353

                                       NPI         1992730576


  10/88 to present          Diamond Bar Psychological and Family Services
                                                Partner in practice
                                                Clinical Psychologist
                                                Outpatient and Inpatient Private Practice
                                                Psychological Assessment and Testing
                                                Critical Incident Debriefing
                                                730 Evaluations
                                                3190 Counseling
 4/04 to present             MedAssure / MedReview, Diamond Bar
                                                Worker Compensation Case Review
 1/93 to 6/08                   Senior Psychologist of Masonic Homes
                                                      Assessment and Clinical Services
  4/87 to 1/89                  PSY Health Systems
                                                Clinical Director
                                                Interventions and Assessments of patients
                                                Individual and Group Psychotherapy

12/82 to 4/87                  PSY Clinic 
                                                Individual and Group Psychotherapy
                                                        Intervention, Assessment of patients and                                                                             
                                                        administrative duties of PSY Clinic at                                                                                   
                                                        Western Medical Center, Anaheim  6/86 to 6/88
                                                On site Intervention and Assessment for
                                                        Metropolitan Water District in work towns                                                                          
                                                        along aqueduct 6/88 to 6/89

  12/78 to 4/83                Brea Hospital Neuropsychiatric Center
                                                Psychiatric Worker for Adult, Adolescent and Locked Units
Presentations  (Partial List)   

Presentations on Stress, Crisis Intervention, Eating Disorders, Patient Assessment, Substance Abuse, Staff Motivation, Case Studies and Behavior Approaches to treatment at New Beginnings, Western Medical Center, Anaheim, Care Unit of Orange, Brea Hospital Neuropsychiatric Center, Orange County Juvenile Hall, Chino community Services, The Masonic Home at Covina and Walnut Unified School District
Program Design           

Design and Application of Behavior Modification Level Systems for Inpatient Adolescent, Drug Rehabilitation and Eating Disorder Units at Care Unit of Orange, Brea Hospital Neuropsychiatric Center, Western Medical Center and The Masonic Homes at Covina
Group Experience         Group Psychotherapy at Brea Hospital Neuropsychiatric Center, Western Medical Center, Care Unit of Orange, CPC Brea Canyon Hospital and The Masonic Home at Covina

Appointments               Chief of Staff of Psychology
                                                CPC Brea Canyon Hospital
                                                Staff Year 1990 and 1991
                                       Credentialing Committee
                                                Professional Staff Review
                                                Proctor for Psychological Testing
                                                CPC Brea Canyon Hospital/ Brea NPC
                                                1988 until 1993

                                       Senior Consulting Psychologist for
                                                        Masonic Homes of California
                                                        Design and Implement Behavioral System
                                                        Individual and Group Psychotherapy
                                                        Evaluation for Admissions
                                                        1993 though 2008

Contracts (Partial Listing)           Anthem / Blue Cross
                                                        Blue Shield
                                                        Health Management Center
                                                        Value Options
                                                        National Resource Center
                                                        Prudential PPO
                                                        Medicare Provider
                                                        National Assoc. of Preferred Providers
                                                        USA Health Network
                                                        Riverside Dept. of Children and Family Services
                                                        San Bernardino Dept. of Children and Family Services
                                                        Masonic Homes at Covina
   Teaching Experience         
                                        Consulting Faculty Member at William Lyon University
                                        Consulting Faculty Member at The Professional School of Psychological Studies

Education                      Ph.D., The Professional School of Psychological                                                                   
                                                Studies, San Diego 6/86
                                       M.S., The Professional School of Psychological                                                                     
                                                Studies, San Diego 11/82
                                       B.A., Calif. State University, Fullerton 6/79
                                       A.A., Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut 6/77

Resent Continuing Education
                                       Depression and Obstructive Sleep Apnea                                         2hr              02/14/2018
                                       Depression in Older Adults                                                                2hr              02/14/2018
                                       Parkinson’s disease                                                                           3hr              01/27/2018
                                       Coping with Cancer                                                                           3hr              01/27/2018
                                       Traumatic Brain Injury                                                                       2hr              01/27/2018             
                                       TBI Practitioner Guide                                                                       7hr              01/27/2018
                                       EMDR                                                                                                6hr              04/07/2016
                                       Evidence-Based Psychotherapy                                                        8hr              04/13/2016
                                       Treating PTSD with CBT                                                                   5hr              02/16/2016
                                       Skills for Psychological Recovery- Field Op Guide                           5hr              02/11/2016
                                       Child Welfare and Human Trafficking                                                4hr              02/11/2016
                                       Male Perpetrators of child Maltreatment                                            2hr              02/08/2016
                                       Chronic Fatigue Syndrome                                                                2hr              02/082016
                                       California Law and Ethics                                                                   6hr              08/16/2014
                                       DSM-5 Application in Clinical Practice                                               6hr              08/02/2014
                                       Cyberbullying, Detection and Treatment                                            7hr              03/04/2014
                                       DSM-IV-TR to DSM-5 Changes                                                         2hr              03/03/2014
                                       Incarceration and the Family Unit                                                      4hr              02/22/2014
                                       Sexuality of the Elderly                                                                      1hr              02/19/2014
                                       Sexually Re-Victimization of Women, Treatment Issues                   3hr              02/05/2014           
                                       Emergency Preparedness                                                                 1hr              02/05/2014             
                                       Acute Stress Disorder & PTSD                                                          4hr              11/20/2013
                                       Neuro-Physiology                                                                               3hr              11/20/2013
                                       Child Abuse and Neglect, Assessment and Intervention                   5hr              04/13/2013
                                       Child Welfare, Outcomes                                                                   1hr              04/13/2013
                                       California Law and Ethics                                                                   4hr              03/17/2012
                                       CBT for Anger Management                                                               3hr              03/17/2012
                                       Avoidant Personality Disorder                                                            2hr              03/16/2012
                                       Child Maltreatment, Impact and Scope                                               6hr              08/12/2011
                                       Clinical Supervision                                                                             8hr              04/20/2011
                                       Forensic Applications of the MMPI-2                                                  7hr              01/22/2011
                                       Complex Trauma                                                                                 6hr              05/23/2010
                                       Parenting with SA and Mental Illness                                                 4hr              03/16/2010
                                       Psychopharmacology                                                                          6hr              12/05/2009
                                       Legal and Ethical Issues                                                                     6hr              11/07/2009
                                       Fibromyalgia                                                                                        2hr              11/08/2009
                                       Science of Addiction                                                                            2hr              11/08/2009
                                       Headaches, Resent Research                                                             3hr              11/08/2009
                                       Child Maltreatment                                                                               5hr              11/07/2009
                                       Marijuana Dependence                                                                        9hr              10/21/2009
                                       Aging                                                                                                    3hr              07/08/2009
                                       Online Predators                                                                                  2hr              03/21/2009