Chino Hills Psychological

Formerly Diamond Bar Psychological and Family Services

Here are some questions to consider.

What is prompting you seek therapy?

  • A short history is helpful. If there is some recent event or crisis that has illuminated this need, please communicate this information.

What are your goals to attain?

  • Goals can range from person growth, improving relationship and learning new skills to stronger issues such as depression, anxiety, anger management, addiction and legal complications.

How would you like the therapist to assist you?

  • Do you have a specific approach you want to engage?
  • Are you looking for someone to listen and understand?
  • Do you want suggestions and information about you condition?
  • Will you need assessment or evaluation? Are medications needed?
  • Are reports going to be requested? This all vary greatly from person to person.

Are there important characteristics you would be looking for in a therapist to make you more comfortable?

  • The age, sex, culture and race of the therapist does not affect their skills, but these may be important in your initial level of comfort.
  • The preference in language is also an important factor in communication.

Are there Insurance or financial needs to be considered.

  • Not all therapists are covered by all insurance plans.
  • You buy insurance to cover these expenses so why not work with someone who is on their panel of providers.
  • There are also sliding scales which means we try to provide professional services at an affordable rate.
  • We have Interns available for those with who have a very tight budget. Specialty also affects the cost.
  • Forensic and certain other specialties need years of training and specialization, and may add to the cost of treatment and may not be covered by insurance.

After the initial call, you will be referred to a single therapist or given names of several therapists who can help you. You then get in contact with that therapist, set up an initial appointment and see if this is a good match. Remember you are the person who matter in this relationship, so if for any reason you are not comfortable, there may be other options. All contact would then e with the therapist you have chosen. 

It is best if a doctor can initially contact a new patient by phone. Since we are typically seeing clients, we make these return calls during breaks or free time. We talk with new referrals to identify their needs and then refer them to the therapist with those specific skills. We prefer to do this on the phone but can do this through email as well.