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Making a difficult Decision is often stressful and can produce strong emotional reactions. You may rationally know the right answer but cannot follow through in actions. You may even act in a manner that is contradictive to "the right answer" or inconsistent with whom you are. Simple awareness of this does not equal change. I provide a neutral setting where you can explore the various aspects of yourself and gain understanding of all the Dynamics involved. Making Goals as well as methods to achieve them is the road towards success.

I practice Cognitive/Behavioral and Direct Decision Therapy. In Relationship Issues I teach Communication, Relationship and Assertiveness skills. I believe Respect (or lack of it), how thought and feelings are spoken and body language are important factors in most communication.

I have been in practice in Diamond Bar since 1988. Our office offers a choice many Clinicians with a wide variety of experience and specialties. I believe that the success of our practice speaks for the Quality of our work.


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Thomas Albers, Ph.D.

Diamond Bar Psychological is a collection of Independent Therapists who each owns and operates their Individual Practice. We are working together to provide a wider array of services and approaches to better serve you and your individual needs. Please address the therapist individually and not Diamond Bar Psychological as a group. 

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